The Top Level Performance Team has always wanted to step up to the challenges of today's various drag racing circuits. Many of our customers and race fans have been looking forward to the release of our racecar. We have completed and began testing our racecar at a few regional events. The car's best elapsed time to date came during the Dave Buschur Shootout in Ohio. The car was piloted by Ricardo "Ricky" Bailey and completed the quarter mile in 9.5 seconds at a little over 147 miles per hour (MPH).
— Car Specs
  • Top Level Performance Turbo Kit
  • Manley Rods
  • Wiseco piston sponsored by Wiseco/li>
  • Ferrea Nissan GT-R Competition Plus Standard Intake Valves
  • ARP Nissan R35 GT-R Main Studs
  • Ferrea Nissan R35 GT-R Single Valve Spring and Retainer Set
  • HKS Nissan R35 GT-R Metal Head Gasket Set
  • Kelford Nissan R35 GT-R Stage 1 Camshafts [231-A]